Thursday, 1 January 2015

Missing your family very crazily

 Everybody loves his family a lot and wants to stay always with his kids and wife.

 But life is not that easy and sometimes our jobs require us to go away and live in some other country for years and years. In this case, if someone badly misses his family and eventually falls ill, then this is not normal and that very person will require some treatment.

 In homeopathy, “Capsicum” is a medicine that is used to cure such type of problems. 

  Homeopathy will miraculously resolve the issue with the said medicine.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

China 30 - An effective remedy for diarhhoea

    A single dose of CHINA-30 can help you a lot if you are suffering from diarrhea and following symptom is present:

 Undigested food particles (soild) present in stools (watery)


   Only one dose (5 drops in a little amount of water) will cure the problem. This remedy is very fast and just needs some hours to resolve the issue.

   I have tested this medicines so many times and the results are awesome. 
   Allopathic medicines will require more time as compared to CHINA-30 and these medicines are famous for their side effects. 

So, keep CHINA-30 at your home, I am sure it will  not disappoint you.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Single remedies vs Combination type of medicines

     A combination type of medicine is a mixture of more than one medicine in a bottle (say 4 to 9 medicines) while a single remedy (medicine) means just one medicine ( in one bottle).

    Combination type of medicines will work but a single remedy prescribed according to the symptoms of a patient is more likely to perfectly cure the disease in a short time span as compared to the combination type of medicines.

    Combination type of medicines may make the case more complicated and a homeopathic physician will find it difficult to suggest a single medicine if the patient has already used some combination type of medicine.

    Combination type of medicine may create side effects but this is not the case with single remedies as these are not supposed to harm us rather they are curing our diseases with style.

     So, it’s a better idea to rely on single remedies as they are more effective and safe.

Head injuries and their homeopathic treatment

     Kids are more likely to sustain head injuries when they are in a play ground and these head injuries are ignored by parents as they are unaware of the subsequent issues that kids may face in later years.

    Parents seek some urgent treatment by consulting an allopath at the time of incident and after that they forget about the injury.

    But a homeopathic physician is always aware of the subsequent complications related to these accidents and he can’t take any risk by ignoring them.

    Some homeopathic medicines can help you a lot in such type of injuries. For example “Arnica” is a great homeopathic medicine and it must be used to heal these injuries.

   “Ledum Pal” is another homeo medicine that is used when someone gets his eye hurt.

You can take Homeo medicines simultaneously with Allopathic medicines

     It is said that homeopathic medicines will not work with allopathic medicines when both are used simultaneously.

   This is not the truth and homeopathic medicines simultaneously work with allopathic medicines. They work well and produce great healing effects. 

   For example, you can continue injecting your Insulin (injection) coupled with a homeopathic medicine to control blood sugar in case you are suffering from diabetes. Homeopathic medicine will not do any wrong with insulin and vice versa.

   You are just required to maintain a gap of 1 hour between the two medicines belonging to two different systems of medicines. In this case homeopathic medicine will be playing a role of helping medicine that will assist allopathic medicines.

   Note: It is advisable to keep a constant contact with your homeopath and check your blood sugar level frequently in order to avoid adverse decline in blood sugar level. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Killing yourself Homeopathically, Totally Impossible

    There are present different types of misconceptions about homeopathy. Some people think that homeopathic medicines are dangerous and not safe for humans. But this is mere a misconception and not backed by some evidence.

   Some people have tried to kill themselves with some homeopathic medicine. They took a large quantity of a homeopathic medicine and started to wait for their death but all their plans ended in a fiasco as they didn’t face death. A girl used “Arnica” to kill herself but was failed.

   They unintentionally proved that large quantities of homeopathic medicines are not related to some hazardous effects. Homeopathy must be thankful to such type of people.

   How can the small doses of a medicine be dangerous if its larger doses are not causing any harm to our body?

   So, stop worrying and say “Yes” to homeopathy as it is reliable an safe.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Homeopathic medicines - dangerous or safe ?

     Some people are reluctant to trust homeopathic medicines as they think that homeopathic medicines are derived from dangerous poisons and the like. 

   These people don’t know the reality and are totally unaware of the working of homeopathy. It is true that some medicines originated from dangerous substances but using medicines comprising of these substances is safe as homeopathy dilutes these substances (while converting them into medicines) to such a great extent that no active ingredients are present in the medicines.

   For example “Bufu Rana”, a homeopathic medicine, is derived from the poison of a toad. It’s true, this poison is dangerous but homeopathy is using this poison after diluting it and not in its concentrated form, so it is safe for all of us. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Introduction to "Homeopathy"

     Homeopathy is a well known  system of healing with its
 great medicines. Its medicines are accurate and precise in action. 

     A single remedy will start its working from your head 
down to the bottom of your body and will remove different types of ailments in a short time if it is prescribed by a homeo physician after taking a complete and careful history of the patient. 

    Homeopaths do not prescribe 4 or 5 medicines at a
same time as it would be against the very spirit of Homeopathy. So, homeo doctors will just use 1 or 2 medicines at a time.

     And on the other hand an allopathic doctor will 
prescribe 4 to 5 medicines at the same time coupled with 
some injection.